Does your baby ever cry?

Do you find yourself rocking and bouncing her, or walking her around your house every evening to try to get her to sleep?

Are you wonder if there's another way to help her feel relaxed enough to sleep?

Or perhaps you're feeding him for most of the evening and wondering if he really is this hungry or whether there's something else going on?

Have you noticed that she seems to be needing to feed MORE frequently, or she's taking LONGER to get to sleep, or she's sleeping for SHORTER periods, and is MORE restless at night?

And if so, are you wondering how this can be, given that she's getting older and her body is MORE capable to go longer between feeds and to sleep for longer too?

Are you getting DESPERATE for more sleep and you're thinking of trying Controlled Crying/Cry It Out, or you've tried them but you just don't want to leave your baby to cry alone, AND you're wondering if there's another way to help your baby to sleep more?

Have you been practicing Attachment Parenting and yet you're noticing that your baby doesn't seem to be the happy, alert, securely attached, contented baby that the books talk about?

Is your baby starting to hit or bite or behave in ways you're not sure how to deal with in a loving, compassionate and effective way?

Is any of these are you right now, we'd love to help!

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Are you looking for a parenting approach that:

is more than just about getting your baby to sleep;

AND is also effective at helping your baby (and you!) sleep really well?

Understands the emotional development of babies;

AND gives you practical tools to respond to everyday situations?

Helps you determine when your baby is hungry, tired, and upset;

AND helps you respond so that she stays connected to her true needs and feelings?

Builds your confidence in fully understanding your baby's needs and feelings;

AND strengthens the love and attachment between you?

Can solve most of the challenges mothers of babies experience;

AND brings richness to both of your lives?

Would you like to help your baby:

Grow up connected with all of her feelings, free to express herself authentically and fully?

Stay connected with his deepest self?

Tell you what is REALLY going on for her when she's a child and teenager (even the challenging and painful things)?

Stay true to himself?

That's why we created the Aware Parenting Babies Course!

We're Marion and Helena!

What is this course about?

It's based on an approach called Aware Parenting that was developed by Aletha Solter, which is based on Attachment Theory.

In Aware Parenting, we see that babies not only cry to indicate their needs,

they also need to cry in our arms to release stress and uncomfortable feelings which occur as the result of inevitable everyday events as well as bigger stresses.

CLICK HERE to join Helena's Free three-part video series; Helping Your Crying Baby; which outlines the need babies have for supported emotional release.

We are here to support YOU, and your baby. We'll show you how to help your baby:

  • Be aware and present (her true nature!)
  • Be more relaxed (which is who he truly is!)
  • Be more deeply connected with you (not just spacing out!)
  • Sleep for longer (because she's truly relaxed, not just zoning out!)
  • Sleep more soundly (so that you can see how relaxed her muscles are)
  • Release stress from inevitable everyday occurrences (through play and crying-in-arms)
  • Be more contented in the car (because she's more relaxed!)
  • Heal forever from any birth trauma or separations (so she doesn't need to wait until adulthood!)
  • Be able to concentrate for longer periods (because she's both relaxed AND alert!)
  • Be the loving and compassionate being that she was born as (because she's relatively free from pent-up feelings)

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We will provide lots of information about:

Why your baby is crying

Why your baby isn't crying (!)

Tangible ways you can support yourself as a mother

The premises behind Aware Parenting (as developed by Aletha Solter)

Let's tell you about ourselves!

Marion and Helena


We're both passionate about Aware Parenting! And we're best friends as well as colleagues, and we love singing each other's praises - so here are our bio's for each other!

About Helena - by Marion!

I just LOVE Helena! She's the best friend I ever had because she is so completely unconditionally loving, supportive, and dependable.

And how she is as a friend overflows into how she is with helping other parents. She explains things in such clear and friendly ways. She's so approachable and makes complex things easy to understand. She's incredibly competent and fantastic at organising things. She gives so much to so many.

She's supported me so much in my Aware Parenting work and I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if it weren't for her. She's competence wrapped up in the most friendly package you could wish for. She's just fabulous!

About Marion - by Helena!

Hmm, where to start?!  Marion has changed my life!  She is incredible (and I don't say this lightly).  Her knowledge, experience, compassion, insight and love for others is unsurpassed.  She not only teaches the practical tools of Aware Parenting, but she brings a depth and a richness to life in general which is extraordinary.

She has pioneered Aware Parenting within Australia, creating a vibrant, supportive community - both online and in-person throughout the country.  Not only does she support so many families, but she has created a mentoring program for AwP Instructors.

Marion is now one of my greatest friends and I am so proud to be creating this course with her for you.  I cannot recommend Marion and her work highly enough!

Here's us running an Attachment Play workshop!

What does the course include?

  • First and foremost, our support! We know how exciting, challenging, amazing and tiring this time can be!
  • Lots of bite-sized written notes which cover things like needs, crying, sleep, feeding - so you can understand the theory and practice, and add your own notes.
  • Audios so that you can listen easily whilst you're in the car, cooking, or having a lie down (yes, we'll be encouraging you to rest!!)
  • Videos for if you're a visual learner and you'd like to see us chatting.
  • Audio conversations of us talking about our experiences so you can learn from them
  • A friendly Facebook group so that you can receive support, compassion, empathy, information and ideas
  • Regular FB live videos so you can ask us questions live
  • Webinars or Zoom calls so you can ask us questions live
  • Ideas about how you can become more compassionate with yourself
  • Emails to your inbox for encouragement and inspriation
  • Information about trusting your baby and yourself so you can deeply listen to you both
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can refer back to it whenever you want

About Marion, by Marion!


I'm a mother of a 15 year old daughter and 10 year old son, and I'm a Level Two Aware Parenting Instructor.


I've been practising Aware Parenting since my daughter was 3 months old, in 2002.


I've been an Aware Parenting Instructor since 2005, and I have a 30 year background in developmental psychology and psychotherapy, including a Ph.D. from Cambridge University on postnatal depression and the mother-infant relationship.


My particular passion is working with mothers who love exploring their own emotional worlds and growing alongside their children.


I LOVE Aware Parenting because it helps us be deeply connected with our babies and them with us, and it gives us the tools and understandings to support our babies to stay connected with their true nature and real selves (and along the way for us to reconnect with who we really are too!)


About Helena, by Helena!


I'm both an Aware Parenting Instructor and a Parenting by Connection Instructor and I've been practicing Aware Parenting for 8 years.


I'm also a Doula and mum to 2 children - Emily (8) & George (2.5) - both of whom you will hear about in the course!


I started when Emily was 10 months old (so if you're baby is older, you can absolutely still join in and gain so much from this course), and have been with my son in this way since his birth.


I am so thankful for finding this approach when my children were young, as it has given me amazing insight and tools to help them as babies, as well as when they became toddlers and now a primary-aged school child.


The support I've gained from Marion and other Aware Parents has been instrumental in me being able to be with my children and all of their big, strong feelings.  So I am incredibly passionate about supporting parents in those every-day challenging moments we all struggle with, from birth, babies and beyond.....


Perhaps you're wondering how much it is!

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